Contact center services can continue to support your product after it reaches the market. Stericycle’s post-marketing solutions are an integral part of risk mitigation strategies and ensure full compliance with FDA rules. These services include:

Adverse Events and Product Quality Complaints

Experienced medical professionals accept reports of adverse events or product quality complaints via telephone and email, and can also continuously monitor for AE reports on public forums such as message boards. This information is then appropriately documented and reported to your team in a timely manner. Quality programs can be fully customized to ensure adherence to your corporate policies.

Consumer Affairs

Agents act as brand representatives to provide accurate information to consumers and to promote brand loyalty and adherence. Complex interactions are managed effectively and in accordance with regulatory guidelines.

Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy Support

Stericycle provides universal education programs to healthcare professionals and patients on the appropriate use of products via direct mail, telephone, Web and field teams. Programs are custom designed to address product-specific risks and to ensure full compliance with FDA directives.

Registries and Observation Research

Stericycle is equipped to gather long-term product data related to side effects, adverse events and drug interactions. Data management applications store vital data sets, patient databases and national disease registries. Health and quality of life surveys are available to assess disease progression, treatment options and psychosocial factors among your patients.