Communication Modalities

Our highly trained staff and innovative technologies allow you to engage your audience – and the data they generate – across a variety of touchpoints: :

Live Agents: As the voice of your trial, we bring expertise, reassurance, and reliability to your audience. Our live agents include healthcare professionals and communications experts, and together they bring best-in-class patient engagement around the clock. For global trials, we provide scalable solutions at contact center hubs across 14 countries.

Web and E-mail: We develop and host targeted websites that provide a convenient portal for recruiting clinical trial subjects and encouraging their compliance. Our online services can:
  • Pre-screen potential trial participants
  • Share your key trial information
  • Capture the self-reported data you need from patients
  • Provide live chat and click-to-call so your audience can easily and conveniently contact you
Mobile: An easy way to stay connected to two-thirds of Americans – and billions more around the world — is through their phones and devices. We help keep your patients engaged using:
  • Fully integrated SMS text for seamless site support: study announcements, appointment reminders, and pre-visit instructions
  • Mobile websites and screening tools optimized for smartphones
Direct Mail: We also handle communication that needs to reach your audience in person. Our direct mail services provide centralized coordination and handling for your printed materials, including:
  • Study-related materials
  • Business reply cards
  • Product literature
  • Rebates
Integrated Reporting: Our global healthcare contact center assimilates the information streaming in from all these channels so you can utilize it more efficiently. Your data is integrated into a single database, and we analyze it and send it to you in real time. Our robust reporting suite helps you assess inquiry trends and efficiently optimize your program as needed.