Subject Retention and Compliance

After screening, Stericycle continues to support your sites by providing ongoing contact that reminds patients about their participation; timely information that address their needs; and engagement that supports their commitment to your trial’s success with services such as:

Patient Education: Remind your trial subjects to attend their next appointment, take their next dose of the study treatment and update their diary. We can also prepare them for their next site appointment by providing pre-visit instructions.
Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO): Skilled agents engage study participants and gather Patient Reported Outcome data using rigorous methodologies, increasing the completeness and accuracy of your PRO data.
Appointment Scheduling: Stericycle’s extensive technology infrastructure allow sites to efficiently schedule and track patient appointments and update the status of referrals.
Tracking Applications: Referral tracking applications provides an interactive platform for site managers to track patients from initial inquiry to randomization. Once patients are enrolled, sites can use these solutions to schedule and track visits and administer stipends.