Patient Recruitment

First impressions are always crucial - and for your trial they can mean the difference between successful enrollment and missed deadlines. As the initial point of contact for potential trial participants, we know how to make the most of that first impression and ensure a smooth hand-off to your sites:

Script Development: Our trained staff converts your protocols into listener-friendly scripts that hold participants’ attention while efficiently guiding them through the pre-qualification process.
Preliminary Screening: We screen your site-identified patients via live agents, targeted websites and/or SMS text messaging. Our thorough process begins when we receive inbound inquiries or make outbound calls.
Nurse Screening: For complex conditions or high-need patients, we provide nurses and other healthcare professionals to ensure accurate, sensitive, and high-quality interactions
Pre-Recruitment Registry: Ongoing engagement of patient registrants and screening once study recruitment goes live
Initial Appointment and Warm Transfers: Minimize no-shows and unreachable referrals by scheduling an appointment immediately after the pre-screening or transfer the call to site personnel to accelerate the referral process.
Site Portals: Our secure, web-based patient tracking portals streamline the patient flow from referral to study completion. These user-friendly applications support integration with clinical trial management system (CTMS) data.
Call Triaging: Cost effective IVR solutions allow callers to connect directly with sites and tracks local ad response metrics.