About Us

Investigator Support Services (ISS) provides clinical trial support tailored to the specific needs of our life sciences clients and research site partners. Through our breadth of services and personal attention to each trial, we support drug and device development from site selection through patient compliance.

Sponsor/CRO Services

ISS reduces the time and money associated with site selection through direct access to 250 vetted phase I-IV research sites in North America. At no cost, investigators are pre-qualified and submitted for clinical trials based on individual study needs.

Site Services

We provide business development services to our research site partners through access to a steady stream of new clinical trial opportunities in all phases and therapeutic areas. To supplement internally identified projects, investigators may consider hundreds of clinical trials annually, with new opportunities matched to site capabilities and research expertise.

Contact Center Services

ISS delivers patient recruitment and compliance solutions through our partnership with Carenet Health’s global healthcare contact center and strategic alliances with patient recruitment firms. With more than a decade of experience supporting drug development, we know how to match the right resources to the complex needs of sponsors and CROs.